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DAEX19CT-4-back.jpg DAEX19CT-4-front.jpg DAEX19CT-4-side.jpg


Frequency Range: depends on surface attached to, but recommended for frequencies above @150Hz.
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Power Handling: 5W
Diameter - outside: 33mm
Diameter - attaching ring: 21.5 mm
Thickness: 13mm
Weight: 31.5 grams (1.11 loz) .

spec sheet


Very good sounding exciter - kicks out a lot of sound for the size and power, especially compared to exciters of similar size. Heavy for the size.

Small size and weight make it possible to attach using acoustically transparent putty, but is heavy enough that care must be taken, as it can pull or fall off. However, this allows it to be attached and removed for repeated uses, rather than using 3M VHB tape, which is trickier and can damage the attachment ring upon removal if one is not careful.

Does not sound as good with lower frequencies, but sounds very good with medium to high (above 150Hz or so).

Matching Equipment

Pairs well with the Dayton DTA-1, as well as Topping TP10-mk4 and possibly the Lepai LP-2020A. Due to low wattage of transducer, be careful not to overdrive with a more powerful amp.


Excellent for small and medium metal sheets as well as a range of gongs and cymbals. Has been used on a piano soundboard as well: as mentioned above, problems with the lower frequencies, but very clear in the mid- to upper- range.


If reusing transducer for more than one project, or traveling and so will need to remove it from the attached surface, recommended to attaching using acoustically transparent putty. Soldering a small section of wire to the terminal connects will also allow flexibility of use.



Quite a bit louder than the [DAEX19SL-4 DAEX19SL-4], though also quite a bit heavier. Can also be compared to the [DAEX19QLP-4 DAEX19QLP-4], which comes with attachment feet.


$5.75, $5.11 for 10 or more.


Parts Express at parts-express.